Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Family-friendly movies?

That's what FoxFaith is promising
...Plus, the trailer for "The Last Sin Eater" movie

AP reports: "The home-video division of Twentieth Century Fox says it will acquire as many as a dozen family-friendly movies a year and market them to Christians under the FoxFaith banner.

"Fox has developed a network of 90-thousand churches to help market its FoxFaith films."

The report goes on to say that the first theatrical release will be "Love's Abiding Joy," based on the fourth installment in the Jeannette Oke book series.

According to another report: "The box office power of the faithful became more apparent this year with The Chronicles of Narnia. Other studios moved to cash in, with New Line Cinema scheduled to release The Nativity Story this December, and a forthcoming film version of Milton's Paradise Lost."

I like this idea very much. FoxHome Video Vice President Steve Feldstein is quoted as saying, "All of this programming is entertainment first. We're not in the business of proselytizing or preaching," and that's fine with me. Families need fun and entertainment, and there is a terrible dearth of the kind of movies that the entire family can gather 'round, break out the popcorn and enjoy together.

If this helps fill that need, and as long as FoxFaith respects the message and the spirit of the stories, I'm all for it.

Based on Christian novels?

One of my favorite authors, Angela Hunt, blogged about this yesterday and had some great comments. Angela reports that the movies will be based on Christian bestsellers, and again, terrific idea. I've read many Christian novels, including Angie's, and thought, "What a great movie this would make!"

A book by another of my favorite authors, Francine Rivers, has been made into a movie and is now in post-production. The Last Sin Eater was a very intriguing book, and hopefully it will make a terrific movie as well.

If you'd like to see a trailer for the movie, head over to The View from Her.

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