Tuesday, March 21, 2006

An un-put-downable book...

I've said before that the true test of a really good book is how late I stay up reading it when I should be sleeping.

Well, last night I was up waaay past my bedtime because I simply couldn't put down The Cross Examination of Oliver Finney, by Randy Singer.

I've read a few of Randy's books before--Dying Declaration, Irreparable Harm, Self Incrimination--and really liked them.

In my opinion, Randy (who happens to be a lawyer as well) is right up there with John Grisham when it comes to legal suspense--maybe even better in some respects. His writing is crisp, fast-paced, reader-friendly--laced with humor and imbued with spiritual insight.

But Singer's latest, The Cross Examination of Oliver Finney, takes the cake. From page one, the reader is on a thrill ride of suspense and intrigue that doesn't stop until the very last page. Through it all, Singer manages to make a strong apologetics-style case for Christianity and weave an entertaining subplot that has to do with the fascinating subject of codes and code-breaking.

This book is actually a companion piece to Singer's nonfiction book, The Cross Examination of Jesus Christ, which I haven't read yet...but which is also featured throughout the fiction book. Confused? You won't be when you read the fiction book, which I highly recommend.

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