Monday, March 27, 2006

My interview with Deborah Bedford

Listen to an excerpt

A few months ago, I interviewed a wonderful writer named Deborah Bedford about her novel, Remember Me.

Embarrassingly, I did something I make it a rule never to do...I interviewed Deborah BEFORE I had finished the book. The good news is, I have now finished the book, and I truly enjoyed it.

The book centers around Sam Tibbits, a bachelor pastor who can't seem to forget the childhood sweetheart with whom he's lost contact. As problems swirl in his pastoral and personal life, he decides to take his troubled nephew and make his way back to the quaint Oregon seaside village where he spent his childhood summers...only to find that his childhood sweetheart has also returned.

There are complications, of course. And how Sam (who is a very likable protagonist) deals with them is both absorbing and faith-affirming.

And I love Deborah Bedford's writing. It's lovely and evocative, and makes you feel the wet sand squishing between your toes and hear the cry of the sea-gulls.

Deborah was a delightful interviewee, with a ready laugh and a sparkling personality.

You can listen to an excerpt of our interview below:

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