Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Hello and goodbye...blogs come and go

...and some Idol chatter

I'm sad to see BJ Hoff, one of my favorite writers, taking a break from the Blogosphere. Her Grace Notes has truly been a ray of wise instruction and knowledge of things both "authorly" (is that a word?) and spiritual.

Thankfully, BJ is leaving the door open and not dismantling anything, so we can hope for her eventual return to blogging when she deems the time is right.

You can also find out more about BJ and her wonderful books at her website.

Meanwhile, new blogs proliferate...and I need to bring one of them to your attention, especially if you're interested in theology and current trends in the church. My friend and former coworker, Joel Griffith, is the author of The Seventh Sola.

Joel was the news director here at 101QFL for several years. He is a staff writer for Slavic Gospel Association, and a co-host of the radio show, Perspective Underground.

I have always loved Joel's way with words, his dry sense of humor and his passion for Biblical truth. You may not agree every point of his theology, but you'll be challenged to think and search the Scriptures.

And on a totally different subject...PARIS BENNETT!

Paris Bennett

Maybe we here in Rockford are getting just a little too obsessed, given that Paris Bennett hasn't lived here for a while. We're certainly making the most of her connections with our city, and a lot of us cheering her progress on American Idol.

The Rockford Register Star has an article on Paris today.

I have picked out one or two other favorites, one of them being Mandisa. I thought she handled her remarks to Simon Cowell (about his mockery of her weight) with remarkable grace and class. Even Simon was humbled...and I'll bet that doesn't happen too often!

On her profile on Idol's website, Mandisa says her own "American idol" is author and speaker Beth Moore. Says Mandisa: "She inspires me to live more like Jesus and I want to do the same." She cites Jesus as her hero, though, saying her saved her life.

Gotta admit I'm looking forward to watching tonight. :)

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