Friday, February 24, 2006


Various and sundry Friday stuff:

One of my very favorite writers, Linda Hall, is finally coming out with a new book after a three-year absence.

This is great news! Linda is one of those writers who disproves the false notion that all--or even most--Christian fiction writers are cheesey and inferior. She is simply a terrific writer.

Linda Hall

I wrote this about Linda on my website: "With her page-turning narrative ability, realistic characters and intriguing plots, Linda Hall has quickly become a favorite author of mine. I had read a few of her books, including Margaret's Peace and Island of Refuge in the past, and recognized instantly her exceptional talent and singular style. Her recent books, including Sadie's Song and the first two books in the Teri Blake-Addison mystery series--Steal Away and Chat Room--have irrevocably hooked me. I highly recommend them!"

Dark Water, published by WaterBrook, will be available in April. I can't wait to read it!

Linda tells me in an e-mail: "...yes, it's exciting for me. God has really brought me through a sort of dark place - this past three years without a book release, and that's death to a CBA writer, where you're only as good as your last book and your last book better not be any more than a year old.

"But I feel good about this book - because it represents all of the inner struggles of the past three years."

Linda says she'll talk about her feelings more extensively in her blog soon. Meantime, if you haven't read anything by Linda, work on remedying that as soon as possible!

(Read my review of Sadie's Song here.) You can read more of my book reviews here.

To leave condolences on Anthony Burger's passing...

Fans of pianist Anthony Burger are still reeling from the news that he passed away Wednesday of an apparent heart attack.

Many tributes are pouring into the blogosphere, recounting the ways that Burger's music blessed so many people.

Martin Roth's Southern Gospel Beat has been doing a great job covering this story.

Martin quotes Mark Lowry: "I've been thinking... They tell me Anthony was playing We Shall Behold Him when he suffered a heart attack or whatever it was that made him pass. But, can you imagine for Anthony what that must've been like? To be playing for Gaither one minute and God the next? To be listening to the Homecoming singers - blink - and hear angels singing? Was Jesus standing in the crook of the piano where Anthony finished the song?" Wow.

If you'd like to leave your own condolences, you can do so at click on "Message Board Condolences."

And what would Friday be without the Friday Feast?


Choose one: moving to another state, having triplets, or never being able to eat chocolate again.--(Goodness...why would anyone CHOOSE never to eat chocolate again?) I would have to say moving to another state. And not just any state...the GREAT STATE OF TEXAS.

Name a news story that truly shocked you.--Unfortunately, as a news reporter I frequently come across stories that repel, disgust or appall me. I'm trying to remember the last time I was truly "shocked," though. After over 25 years of doing this, it takes a lot to "shock" me. Truly there is nothing new under the sun, and I now realize that there is unfortunately no level of evil to which humans will not sink. The stories that sicken and anger me the most usually involve crimes done to innocent children, often by their own fathers or a live-in boyfriend of their mom. In the which case, my knee-jerk, not-very-Christian response is to think that the mom should be horsewhipped, and the dad or live-in boyfriend should be tortured slowly to death. (I'm sorry, but I feel VERY strongly about such things.)

Often, while dealing with ugly and disturbing news stories, I have to invoke Philippians 4:8: "...whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things." It's sort of a spiritual shower to wash off the filth.

What was your very first job?--I bussed tables and refilled customers' tea and coffee at a Furr's Cafeteria.

Main Course

If you had the chance to read the diary of someone you're really close to, would you? Why or why not?--If I had the chance, or if I had permission? If I had permission, yes. If I didn't have would be such a breach of privacy...

What's something you're looking forward to?--My son Jonathan coming to visit us from Texas next week! YAY!

Have a blessed weekend, everyone!

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