Monday, August 29, 2005

Watered-down evangelicalism?

Ran across this story on AP's Religion Roundup today:

CEDARVILLE, Ohio (AP) - The Reverend James MacDonald says
too many churches are trying to "engage the culture" with a
watered-down gospel instead of just presenting the Bible as God's
MacDonald pastors the eight-thousand-member Harvest Bible
outside Chicago, and he says people are saved by the
"gospel of power," not human wisdom or persuasion.

Read the entire story here. (By the way, the last six paragraphs in the story I linked are actually introductions to sound bites from MacDonald. Somehow they mistakenly ended up as part of the article.)

MacDonald made those comments at Cedarville University's Fall Bible Conference (the college my son Jonathan graduated from, and from which my son Justin is trying to graduate from. :))

Religion Roundup is a service I get as part of my Associated Press package here at the radio station. The writer, AP's Steve Coleman, is a Christian himself and does a terrific job writing and editing this feature.

By the way, I happen to agree with MacDonald's comments.

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