Tuesday, August 30, 2005

"All I need is a couple days off..."

...but a really great nap would do, so where is my nap pod?

Darren Marlar had a story today about places where you can pay to take a really good nap. Apparently they're now available at the Mall of America, but I've also heard about "MetroNaps" in New York City. (Granted, at around 42 bucks an hour for the Mall of America nap, that's a pretty pricey 40 winks.)

This from the MetroNaps website: "MetroNaps provides America with mid-day rest facilities: a clean, comfortable place to take a nap. MetroNaps was born from the realization that many employees spend significant amounts of their day dozing at their desk or catching powernaps in odd places. We seek to be the premier provider of professional nap centers in the United States."

"I would come every day, and I wish I had a pod in my apartment because nothing helps me as much as the pod," says Elizabeth Cole, a MetroNap regular, is quoted in this msnbc report.

A listener called and told us she'd taken one of these power naps on a cruise ship. She told us that the "nap pods" zap you into REM sleep so quickly, you end up getting the equivalent of several hours of sleep in a much shorter time. You wake up feeling amazingly refreshed and reinvigorated.

So where do I get mine???

Seriously, don't you just love a nap? Why is the act of sleeping so lovely?...just drifting off into restful oblivion...releasing the cares of the day...floating away on a cloud of tranquil unconsciousness...

Yawn...I'm getting sleepy..

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