Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Such devoted sisters...

Both my sisters have been on my mind a lot lately...what with getting to spend time with Lisa last week in Nashville, and praying a lot for Beverly who recently underwent knee replacement surgery. I adore my sisters, and can't imagine life without them.

It's hard to believe the picture above was taken two years ago. That's Lisa on the left, Beverly in the middle and me on the right. (BTW, I'm back to my natural dark hair color after a several-month experiment with highlights.)

I remember the night we got that picture made.

Beverly and I had timed our spring visit to Texas to happen at the same time, and we were having a wonderful time together. My dad was in the early stages of his illness, and not doing terrible. Evangelist Tim Lee had spoken at my dad's church during that week, and established himself as a very dear friend of our family. (By the way, you will not find a kinder or more compassionate man than Tim Lee, and I deeply value his kindness to my parents in particular. It has meant the world to them.) Lisa and I had seized the opportunity to sing together the night he spoke; it's something we love to do whenever we get the opportunity. Lisa is my favorite female vocalist of all time!

Anyway, Lisa's daughter Katie had gotten her picture made at this place in the mall. It was just one of those inexpensive one-hour studios; I forget the name. The three of us had long wanted to get our picture taken professionally, but we didn't want to spend an arm and a leg. We did our own make-up, and there was no airbrushing or re-touching, so we were really pleased with the results. I liked the picture so much that I cropped it and used my image as the picture of me on my website.

Usually, I hate the way I look in pictures. I can look really just horrible. Since then, I've discovered a local photographer named Kevin Harvey, who takes all the publicity shots for Radio 91 and 101QFL; he took the picture of me that you see at the top of my blog; that picture was taken about eight months ago. I don't know if it's his lighting, his expertise or whatever, but I think Kevin does a great job.

Anyway...I love that picture of my sisters and me, because it always brings back memories of a great time together. I love my sisters!

Odds and ends...

Looks like Scottish-born Cleveland pastor Alistair Begg has a side job.

This from a Chicago Sun Times review:

"There wasn't enough golf in the film 'Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius' that opens Friday to suit me, but the cast is excellent, the settings authentic and, allowing for the inevitable fictionalized bits -- Walter Hagen did not play in the 1930 British Open, the third leg of Jones' Grand Slam -- it is fairly accurate.
Particularly fine are Brett Rice as Jones' father and Alistair Begg, a minister from Cleveland who somehow ended up playing Jones' boyhood teacher, Stewart Maiden, in his first movie role. James Caviezel plays Jones, and he must have been happy the film ignores Jones' last 20 agonizing years. All Caviezel, who was last seen hanging from a cross, suffers in this one are varicose veins and a stomachache. ..."

Unfortunately, no local Christian radio stations carry Begg's show, Truth for Life. Doug and I got to hear him at the Rekindling the Romance seminar last fall, and we were very impressed. Also, he is a fairly regular speaker at Cedarville University, where my son Justin attends and from which my son Jonathan graduated. He's very popular among the college kids.

I could listen to the man talk all day. The Scottish accent is delightful.

Speaking of Justin...

He's home! Yay! Doug went and picked him up from Cedarville over the weekend. Hard to believe his semester is already over and he's home for the summer. Having him around brings me joy. :)

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