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Baby Boomer Quiz: A Trip Down Memory Lane

(A goodie from the archives of Notes in the Key of Life--this was earlier posted May 201.)

Remember "I'd like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony"?

Remember reaching into a huge cooler of pop bottles chilling in ice-cold water? Remember taking a long swig of Coca-Cola that was so cold it had slivers of ice in it? Remember paying 20 cents a gallon for gasoline? Remember listening to top 40 AM radio?

If you do, you're probably a baby boomer.

My radio co-host when I was working at 101QFL, Darren Marlar, gave me this quiz several years ago on the air, and it was a lot of fun so I thought I'd share it!


Look at the items below. You'll know that you qualify as a true Baby Boomer if you remember...

1. "Cruising" on a Friday night, listening to the Top 40 on your AM radio.--(Oh, yeah! I don't even remember being aware of FM radio until I was a sophomore or junior in high school...and it definitely wasn't top 40.)

2. How much popcorn you made when you got that first microwave.

3. When there were only 3 TV channels -- and it was so hard to choose what to watch!--(At least you didn't need a remote!)

4. Where you were when JFK was shot...(or RFK)...(or MLK, Jr.)...


5. When the "Domino Theory" meant something other than planning to have pizza for dinner.

6. Who shot J.R.?

7. How scary it was to open that first Apple II...(or Tandy)...(or Commodore) add a card to increase the RAM from 16K all the way up to 64K.

8. When your teenage son or daughter first told you about the Internet.--(I'm on the young side for that one--my kids weren't teen-agers yet, but I remember when news stories were trumpeting the soon arrival of what they kept calling "the information superhighway.)

9. When the Beatles sang "I want to hold your hand" to Ed Sullivan.--(Yep.)

10. The unbelievable taste of good ol' Ripple wine.--(Have to pass on that one.)

11. How "neat" it was to hear the Beach Boys actually sing surfing music at the beach, on your transistor radio.--(Transistor radios! Loved 'em. My sister had one that looked exactly like a Coke can. My mom said she almost threw it away a million times, thinking it really was a Coke can.)

12. When you bought your first car that actually had seatbelts installed.--(Not really...I always remember seatbelts being there.)

13. When you said that you'd never trust anyone over 30.--(Nope...that was the "hippie" era. I was still pretty young then.)

14. What a TV test pattern looked like, when the channel went off the air at midnight.--(Yep, and the national anthem playing which meant it was time to go to bed. That was actually a good thing--a point at which you could NO LONGER WATCH TV.)

15. When we gave up trying to win "hearts and minds" and settled for "peace with honor".

16. When the price of gas jumped up to 50 cents per gallon.

17. When everybody did the "bump" in their leisure suits at the disco.--(I never frequented discos, but I sure do remember that era. Eeesh...leisure suits. How could we have ever thought those were cool? I bet they take hundreds of years to decompose in the landfills...)

18. Making love, not war, on your way to Woodstock in your flowered VW van.--(Again, too early for me.)

19. Watching the first man walk on the moon with "one small step..."--(Yep, I was glued to the (black and white) TV when that happened.)

20. When Carnaby Street came to Main Street, and everyone wore mini-skirts and platform shoes.


How many of those items do you remember?

Add up your score and compare with the grade levels below:

16 - 20 remembered: You qualify as a true Baby Boomer -- you were there and remember it all.

11 - 15 remembered: You're probably old enough, but they say that "memory is one of the first things to go..."

6 - 10 remembered: It's nice to have you youngsters join us here today.

Less than 6 remembered: Either you're real young or you once were a friend of Timothy Leary's -- wasn't he the one who said "If you remember the '60's, then you weren't really there?"

I have a few to add to the list

Remember when every girl wore their hair long, straight and parted down the middle? You could look at your high school yearbook and it would be rows and rows of girls with that look (except for the black girls, whose Afros were so big they sometimes didn't fit in the picture.)

With my naturally curly hair, oh what pains I took to obtain that look. I spent every night with my hair in a pony-tail on top of my head, rolled into two enormous rollers bigger than orange juice cans.

Remember, years earlier than that (circa 1968, '69) when everyone wore fishnet hose? The really cool girls had different colored ones to match with every outfit.

Remember when yarn ribbons were the must-have accessory for hair?

Remember Dippity-do?

Did you have a crush on either of the guys on Alias Smith and Jones? (Read about my crush on Pete Duel.)

Which Monkee did you think was the cutest?

Got any to add to the list?


Kevin Smith said...

Great quiz post! I like it.

Make your own quiz

Marie-Thérèse said...

This was so much fun, Cynthia. I was a big fan of "That Girl" with Marlo Thomas. Do you remember Anne's boyfriend, Donald Hollinger? Well, I ran into the actor, Ted Bessell, in the early 70s at the Metropolitan Opera in New York. I was with my opera singer brother and my fiancé (now husband of 35 years).

We were at the bar in the Grand Tier during intermission and Ted asked if he could buy me a drink. I think my husband-to-be was just a wee bit jealous. Even all these years later, whenever I mention Marlo Thomas he thinks of Ted and says that was the night he almost lost me to "That Girl's" boyfriend. BTW, Ted was extremely charming and much better looking in person.

Sadly, he died young of a heart attack, I believe.

Gabriala Brown said...

Crack up. I remember the SMELL of Dippity-do... like it was yesterday!

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