Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Calligraphy, sweet-n-spicy, music, game shows, SOUP!--I've been tagged

Calligraphy by Timothy Botts, probably my most admired calligrapher--he uses it as an artform to glorify God. His work is amazing!

Feeling a bit under the weather today, so I'm being lazy and just doing some reading...including catching up on blogs.

Ashley of Chapter Four--who I've known through the internet for years now!--has tagged me with some questions. The way it works: I answer the questions, then make up seven of my own and tag someone else.

Here are my answers to Ashley's questions...

1. What hobby do you most enjoy, and how did you get involved with it? Is reading a hobby? Because honestly, that is the thing I enjoy the most when I have any leisure time.

However, I have gone through phases where I was really into other things--for example, there were a few years in the 80s where I was avidly into cross-stitching.

One thing that has been a constant, but I confess I probably don't do often enough, is calligraphy. I'm pretty good at calligraphy, and have used it for gifts and projects many times throughout the years. Just this past summer, I addressed wedding invitations for a young woman who was getting married.

Actually, being asked this question makes me realize I should do more with my calligraphy.

How did I get into it? I started attempting it when I was a very little girl...I can remember looking up handwriting in the World Book Encyclopedia and trying to copy the different fonts pictured there.

I'm a chronic doodler, and doodling calligraphic-type fonts became a regular part of my doodling--which was great practice.

Later, I discovered calligraphy pens (both the fancy pen-and-ink kind and the markers, used for scrapbooking and the like (which are much easier to deal with), and found out how much more beautiful this writing is when done with a pen tip actually made for calligraphy!

I also met a friend named Lucy, who taught school with my husband, who was a talented calligrapher and used that talent often. That encouraged me to develop my own calligraphy.

2. If you had to spend one month in any area of service at your church, what would you choose?--Definitely the music area. I already sing in the choir and some special groups, but I've sung all my life and it's my favorite form of worship.


3. Sweet or savory?--Both--at the same time! :) I actually thought of Asian dishes that combine the two when I saw that question.

I have a terrible sweet tooth, which has been tamed somewhat by having Type 2 diabetes. However, I do love spicy foods, and I literally crave salsa--especially salsa that's heavy on the lime and cilantro. So I'm going to have to plead both on this question.

4. What is your favorite soup? Ahhh, soup! What a wonderful topic for this time of year. Believe it or not, my number one answer is going to be quite prosaic:

Campbell's Tomato Soup.

That tomato soup--made with water and NOT milk, by the way--is probably my ultimate, number one comfort food of all time.

Why? When I was a child, my mom actually made being sick a pleasure for us. Being sick meant staying home from school, getting a new coloring book and crayons, and being fed a grilled cheese sandwich with Campbell's tomato soup and 7-up.

I still love the flavor of that soup. The last time I was in Texas, I was keeping my 3-year-old grandson Payton and she was keeping her 2-year-old granddaughter Arden, and they suddenly realized they were hungry--a couple of hours after supper, of course.

My mom made them Campbell's tomato soup, which Payton had never had before, and they LOVED it.

Comfort food aside? I love a wonderful chicken gumbo soup...Famous Dave's has an incredible chicken and wild rice soup...and you can't beat a really delicious vegetable soup. But there is almost no soup I would turn down. I love soup!

This is a great season for chili-type soups as well. Here's a delicious recipe I've blogged about in the past.

5. What was your favorite school subject?I think I'd have to say history. History can be a fascinating topic, especially if you have a really good teacher, of which I've had several.

Even as a little girl, attending a British school in Beirut, Lebanon, I was taught British history and was fascinated. Later, living in Texas in junior high, I learned about Texas history, and that too is truly interesting. I guess I just love history!

Queen Elizabeth I as a young woman. Were her dresses amazing or what???

6. What was your college major? Do you use it currently, or do you work in a different area? As a Bible college student, my major was missions, but I work in broadcasting and voice-overs. I would say working at a radio station during my Bible college years had more impact on my future career than did my actual studies.

7. If you could compete on any game show (either traditional like The Price Is Right or Jeopardy! or "reality"-based like The Amazing Race or The Biggest Loser), which would you choose and why? Well, never The Biggest Loser, although that's one of my favorite shows! There's no way I would be able, or WANT to endure what trainers Jillian and Bob put those people through.

I have a lot of trivial knowledge, so people have told me I should go on something like Jeopardy. However, I have huge gaps in my knowledge, so I don't think I would do very well (although I like to play along at home.)

Thanks so much, Ashley, for tagging me!

I'm tagging Ann-Marie at The Left-Handed Rabbit, and here are my questions:

1. Given a plane ticket to anywhere in the world, where would you go?
2. Who is your most admired woman, living or dead, and why?
3. (Besides the Bible, of course) What is your favorite book, and why?
4. Do you re-read favorite books? (If so, care to name which ones?)
5. What is the biggest difference (other than gender!) between you and your husband?
6. (Sorry to borrow this one from Ashley, but) What is your favorite soup?
7. If calories, weight gain or health were no object, what food would you eat all you wanted of? (bad grammar, I know!)

I know Ann-Marie hasn't been blogging much lately, but she's a wonderful writer with a great sense of humor, so I do hope she answers these. :)


Kay Day said...

This was fun!
I love Campbells tomato soup, too! Except I'm allergic to tomatoes now. :(

I haven't been blogging enough lately. Do you mind if I borrow the tag questions?

Cindy Swanson said...

Of course not, Kay--go right ahead!

Lea said...

Great post Cindy. Enjoyed getting to know you even more. Seems I'm one of the few people that has never been interested in history. Shame on me!

Blessings for a wonderful day!

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