Thursday, October 07, 2010

When movies were movies

Elizabeth Taylor in one of my favorite classic movies, "Father of the Bride"

Looking at this tribute to June Allyson at Lily Lemontree stirred up lots of memories for me.

(Yes, I'm totally going to be showing my advanced age in this post, but whatever.)

Some of my favorite growing-up memories are sitting up late at night to watch what was called "The Late Show" on TV.

Most often they were those wonderful old black-and-white movies. Whether comedies, musicals or film noir, they were from a different era of era when an entire film could be made without resorted to lewdness, vulgarity, or any language stronger than, "Gee, swell!"

What are your favorite movies or actors from that era? Let me know in my comment section!

Following: some of my favorite stars from movies that comprised The Late Show

Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman

One of my all-time favorites: Jimmy Stewart

Grace Kelly

Gene Kelly

Classic man of style: Gary Cooper

Elizabeth Taylor: in her youth, she truly must have been the most beautiful woman in the world

The always-adorable Doris Day

Cary Grant--no words!

Bette Davis--truly a drama queen!

Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire tripping the light fantastic

Yes, our former president, an actor in his youth. Gorgeous much?


2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Are you a TCM fan like me? I can't remember if we've discussed that before or not. I love how they spotlight different actors, showcasing early vs later movies, career movies, marriages, behind the scenes trivia, etc. My mother was young in the 40s, and she inculcated a love of those films in me. I'm grateful!

Debi said...

Hi Cindy,
Thank you so much for visting my blog! I am a pink lover but I LOVE old movies!! I am a BIG TMC fan and looking at all of your black and white images gave me the goosebumps! Oh why don't they make movies like that anymore??!One of my favorites is " Whethuring Heights" Lawrence Olivea just makes my knees weak!
Hope you have a wonderful day!
Please visit my website if you want to see more pink

Mocha with Linda said...

They don't make 'em like they used to - the movies OR the stars!

I recently found a clip on YouTube of Gene Kelly tap dancing on roller skates. Incredibly talented man!

Leelee said...

Old movies are the best...we watch Gone With The Wind at least once a year...Grace Kelly was TMC and a rainy, jammie day....

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh Cindy, this was fabulous....I love these old stars; they had class and the photos are rich in suggestive sexuality and beauty, not like today....very wonderful my dear! Anita

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Love, love, love TCM! B&W movies are my favorites and other than Pixar movies (for the grandkids), the old B&Ws make up the majority of my DVD library.

I love Casablanca, followed by Rebecca & All This and Heaven Too. Bette Davis and Humphrey Bogart and my favorite actors from that era.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Cindy dearest,
Thank you for your lovely comments on my posting style! I love to twist the ordinary just a little bit. I enjoy telling a simple story with great is the teacher in me!

HAve a marvelous weekend, and when I see that fabulous picture of Elizabeth Taylor, I am reminded of my aunt Thelma, who looked just like her; huge blue eyes and a complexion that was unbelievable.....MUCH BEAUTY HERE TO BEHOLD!

Ciao my dear, Anita

Kay Day said...

I love them all! Casablanca is probably my favorite.
Right now I'm in the middle of watching Holiday with Cary Grant and Kate Hepburn. :)

Nancy Larson said...

One thing that bothers me about the old black-and-white movies is that they drink alcohol and smoke alot! I watched Casablanca recently and was reminded of how much of both they participate in. Other than that, the old movies are far superior to the more recent ones.

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