Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A social-networking version of West Side Story...and other stuff

The lovely Natalie Wood in the real West Side Story

--Too cute! If you're a fan of West Side Story, you've got to check this out. Hat tip to author Angela Hunt.

--Also from Angela Hunt (is she on a roll, or what?): When your parents join Facebook. Ah, the humiliation...

--More good reasons to eat your strawberries.

--Has someone ever forgiven you for something you never apologized for...or didn't know you did? This is tongue-in-cheek, but SO true.

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Ann-Marie said...

Oh my, Cindy, have I done that forgiving thing! I struggled with what this certain person had done to me for YEARS, and finally God brought me to a place of forgiveness. When I saw the person, I thought I was being all forgiving and saying, "It's in the past, and let's just be friends, now." They looked at me like I was crazy - they didn't even remember how awful they had been. Awkward. :-)

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