Monday, July 06, 2009

Enchanting Port Aransas, Texas

That's my adorable little grandson, Payton, on the Gulf shores of Port Aransas, Texas, where I spent part of my vacation. And all I can say is: I want to go back!

As the community's website touts, this is "Texas--Island Style!" Port Aransas is a little community on the northern tip of Mustang Island, off Corpus Christi.

Making the whole experience even more wonderful was the fact that so many of my family members were along for the fun--all my children, my daughter-in-law, my grandson, my mom, my sister and her family, and at one point, my brother's wife and daughters.

We would start out the day on the beach, playing in the waves and enjoying the wet sand under our toes. Sooner or later, we'd head up the private boardwalk to shower the sand and salt off our swimsuits, and end up in the pool.

In the evenings, we'd sample the local cuisine and maybe do a little browsing in the many quaint shops.

Most nights, my sister and I would chat while sitting in the Adirondack chairs pictured here, enjoying the Texas stars and the ocean breezes.

Altogether, Port Aransas was a delightful experience that I can't wait to repeat.

My sister Lisa and me at Port Aransas

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