Thursday, December 14, 2006

Can it really be a week?

Point of Grace

No "Thursday Thirteen" today, but I'm finally checking in after a week's absence from the blogosphere! I know, I know...I've just been bogged down with other stuff. Today's going to be rather stream-of-consciousness, but here goes...

~I know you're all dying to know what I've been up to during my unintentional blog-o-silence. Well, on Sunday I celebrated my birthday. It was (gulp) the Big Five-Oh, and that may be the last time you see me admit to that in public. For years I've freely given out my age, thinking, "Hey, why try to deny it?"

But now I'm seeing the wisdom in keeping quiet about it. I've reached the age where, when I say "I'm 50," people either respond with a genuine "You don't look it at all!" or with no such comment. I'm thinking admitting to my age might not be worth the occasional "You don't look it at all"s. You know what I mean?

Be that as it may, my birthday was actually one of the nicest ones ever. Family and friends (maybe feeling sorry for me?) conspired to make it really wonderful. It was a painless entry into my 50's. I told my husband my goal is to be the best, most attractive 50 I can be. We'll see how that goes.


Yep, this week I began a 16-week fitness program at a local spa/fitness facility. It's all part of an advertising campaign with the radio station. The upshot: Radio 91's Charmel Jacobs and I are committed to working out at least three times a week for the next 16 weeks.

As part of the deal, we get a weekly spa service--a manicure, a pedicure, a facial, whatever--a different one every week. (This week it was a full body massage. If you've never had one, to quote Ferris Bueller, if you have the means, I highly recommend it!)

As I see it, if I am going to a gym three times a week for sixteen weeks, some physical good is going to HAVE to come of it. Again, we'll see what happens.

~Yes, I did my interview with Evie, and she was a delight. I want to blog about it, but I'm waiting to find out how I can make the entire interview available for you to listen to. I still haven't done that, so hopefully I can tell you more in the next several days.

~I'm really enjoying Christmas music this season. Besides my usual favorites that I've blogged about in the past, I've been enjoying the second Point of Grace Christmas CD, the Bryan Duncan Christmas CD, and a Frank Sinatra one. I've also been listening to selections from Handel's Messiah. Brings back memories of going to see a performance of it last year, and which I also blogged about.

Till next time...

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