Wednesday, May 25, 2005

I've been reading some terrific fiction lately...

While on the BCS senior trip, I devoured some page-turners:

Storm Gathering, by Rene Gutteridge

Self Incrimination, by Randy Singer

R is for Ricochet, by Sue Grafton

The first two are terrific Christian fiction. Rene Gutteridge and Randy Singer are great storytellers at the top of their game.

The third is the latest in the Kinsey Milhone series by Sue Grafton. They're not Christian books, but Grafton had me at "A is for Alibi." I'm now up-to-date in the alphabetically named series, and I'm bummed that I now have to wait a while for the next book! Kinsey is an extraordinarily likable heroine, and Grafton really makes you feel that you're right there with her.

I'm hoping to interview Lisa Samson within the next few weeks about her latest book, Club Sandwich.

A new book by Lisa is a major event for me. I've been hooked since Church Ladies, which in my opinion was a breakthrough in Christian fiction.

If I get to read the book soon and interview Lisa as hoped, you can bet I'll be blogging about it!

AFA ends Disney boycott

American Family Association
has ended its 9-year boycott against Disney.

AFA president Tim Wildmon says Disney is now "one of the less egregious perpetrators of the homosexual agenda," and that he's encouraged that Disney is making "efforts to connect with Christians" by co-producing the film version of C-S Lewis's 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.'"

To be honest, I never paid much attention to the boycotts, or boycotts in general for that matter. I really question their effectiveness, especially in an era when just about everything you purchase or consume is the product of conglomerates that no doubt include elements that are objectionable in some way. You'd end up having to boycott almost everything!

Down to the wire for Bo and Carrie...

I must admit, my interest in American Idol has flagged somewhat since I haven't been able to watch the show for the past few weeks. But tonight's the night that the winner will be announced, and I must admit that I'm leaning towards Carrie.

She's beautiful, has a great personality and a great voice. She just seems a natural fit for the top honor.

But I won't be upset if Bo wins, either. Everyone says that they're both winners just by making it to the top two--both destined to get record deals.

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