Thursday, October 28, 2004

I've gotta stop freaking about this election....

"I feel crazy, hope is hazy right now but I won't freak out,
I won't freak out at the sound of the
Landslide inside, fear wants to take my peace of mind.
Won't run, won't hide, I will lift my hands up high.
In my trouble I have doubled my prayers
Because I need them, I need them like I need the air..."--Seven Places, Landslide

I'm still struggling with worries over the outcome of this election, which I guess shows my lack of faith in the sovereignty of God. I truly believe He has it all in control, no matter who the winner is-- but I'm just having trouble remembering that. At least I'm not quite as bad as the girl who called Sean Hannity the other day, sobbing about her election fears. "Darlin', you've gotta have faith!" Sean admonished kindly.

That said, I derived great comfort from the Christian Conservative's post about the providence of God in the election.

To quote (and incidentally, Michael posted this BEFORE the Red Sox historic World Series win: "Nothing happens by chance. This is the bedrock of confidence Christians have available to them as soon as it's realized. John Kerry could win the Presidency (he won't) the Red Sox could lose (they won't) but insofar as God's Kingdom is concerned, even the most dire or trivial of human events are not meaningless or purposeless, but rather foster faith when we're disadvantaged, and peace when we're not. We don't require intricate knowledge of the details, we only require to know God's work in these days can only fulfill His ultimate plan which has already been revealed in His Word; God works to accomplish the glorification of Himself, and joy to his followers.

"So bring it on. The Church can survive because God has secured it eternally through the death of his Son, Jesus the Christ, and the Red Sox will win because they rock."

Thank you, Michael. I needed that!

And you might need to see this...

Passed along to me by one of my personal heroes, Viet Nam Marine veteran evangelist Tim Lee:

Kerry and the media don't want you to see this

And click on the image below to read why it's so important that Christians vote in this election:


Michael Gallaugher said...

Thanks for the honorable mention! Here's the direct link to the post you're referring to:

If you scroll down to the end of my posts, there's a "#" character that serves as a hyperlink you can click on to get the direct URL to the specific post. Click on it than copy the URL from your browser, or just right click it and select "Copy this link location". Bloggers sometimes refer to this as the Permalink.

Yes ma'am if not for the knowledge that all suffering has purpose, and all the intricate details in life and all the injustices small and large are not outside the sphere of control from God, life would be nothing but a chaotic and frankly miserable existance.

Cindy Swanson said...

Thanks, Michael! I knew about Permalinks, but apparently not enough. People can now link directly to your excellent post. :)

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