Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Current faves

Just thought I'd let you in on some things I'm really liking right now:

SINGLE: Mark Schultz's Running Just to Catch Myself from his Stories and Songs
album. This tune isn't even released to radio, but a listener called in and requested it. Darren Marlar and I instantly fell in love with this clever, fast-paced day-in-the-life portrait of a harried businessman.

SINGLE: Shawn MacDonald's Gravity, from his Simply Nothing CD. Cool and contemplative.

SINGLE: Mat Kearney's Undeniable. Cool sound, cool voice, and the rap, far from being cheesey, is downright poetic.

Andrea Bocelli's Sogno. Yes, the CD is not his most recent, but Justin discovered it at the library a few years ago, and Elizabeth recently bought it. This man's achingly beautiful voice touches a chord in my very soul. This CD is also the one that contains his gorgeous duet with Celine Dion, "The Prayer" favorite version.

The Phantom of the Opera--I fell in love with the Broadway musical after seeing a touring production in Chicago last spring. I'm curious to see what Hollywood will do with it...the movie is out December 22nd.

Les Miserables--I can't believe I never discovered this gorgeous music until Elizabeth's speech teacher played the class a DVD of a 10th anniversary concert of musical highlights of the play. Liz immediately bought an original cast recording, but its one fault is that it doesn't have Lea Salonga in the role of Eponine. Lea's voice is absolutely lovely. We rent the DVD occasionally, but we really must buy it. The full cast, backed up by an enormous choir and orchestra, singing "One Day More" is chill-inducing (in a good way!)

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