Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Five reasons why you should wear an apron

Iconic TV moms Lucille Ball, Donna Reed and Barbara Billingsley in their aprons

The other day, a Facebook friend, author Cecelia Dowdy, asked this question: "Ladies, do you ever wear an apron?"

Her replies were many and varied.  Some said yes, some said sometimes, others were all-out apron fans who wear them regularly in the kitchen.  Some said they wear aprons that used to be their grandmother's or another family member's.

Do we need an apron?

The reality is, maybe we don't need aprons as much as our 50's forebears did.  They were constantly in the kitchen.  They baked regularly and cooked three meals a day.  Few of them worked outside the home, but their work inside the home never ended.

Plus, they dressed up on a daily basis.  Shirtwaist dresses, and in June Cleaver's case, pearls! Those nice clothes needed protection from kitchen splatters and spills.

Why I wear an apron

I remember my mom gave me one of her aprons when I got married.  Sadly, in the course of several moves, I lost it...which makes me doubly sad, since she passed away a year ago.

But not long ago, when I ruined a top for the umpteenth time because of the bleach cleanser I spritz often in my kitchen, I decided that was it.  If I was going to be doing any time-consuming cooking or baking, I would wear an apron.

So far, I only have one.

I got this apron on clearance at TJ Maxx for a little over 8 dollars

But I'm definitely in the market for more.

Oh, and I don't mean to be sexist with this.  Many men, and all professional chefs, wear aprons while cooking.  They just may not be as cute as the aprons made for women.

With the advent of Etsy, Pinterest et al, beautiful aprons are available everywhere.  And the aforementioned TJ Maxx and Marshall's usually have a selection for less than 20 dollars.

Susannah's Kitchen

One of my favorite apron websites is Susannah's Kitchen, named after Susannah Wesley, the mother of John Wesley and Charles Wesley and a host of other children she raised admirably and beautiful.

One of the adorable aprons sold through Susannah's Kitchen

Here are 5 good reasons you might want to consider wearing an apron:

  • To protect your clothes from stains...even if you're dressed casually you don't want to mess up your clothes, and if you're hosting, the apron will protect your fancy clothes
  • So you won't get flour all over your clothes when you bake
  • To protect your clothes from glue and glitter while crafting
  • To take advantage of the nifty pockets most aprons have
  • Last, but not least:  When you wear a pretty apron, YOU feel pretty.  There's something about donning an apron that says,"I'm the queen of my house.  Yes, this is work, but I can still feel cute while doing it!"

How cute are these mother-daughter Christmas aprons from

This elf-themed apron from Sylvester Mouse is just too adorable

Do you wear an apron, or would you consider it?  Why or why not?  Let me know in my comments section!


thenwedanced said...

I like aprons. I should wear them. I just never owned one that was comfortable yet. But I know you see so many cute ones out there like a TJ Maxx. Yours is adorable! Maybe I'll put it on my Wish List :)

Barbara Deatherage said...

A long time ago I made matching aprons for me and my daughter. I still have both. I wear mine when I am doing a ton of baking and now my sweet little granddaughter wears her mom's little apron. And, by the way, her mother has a whole collection of aprons.
Hmmm...I think I need a new apron for holiday cooking!

Lisa Brittain said...

I don't have an apron. My grandmothers wore them and maybe my mom sometimes. I don't cook often or bake or craft, but I would get holiday aprons...Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter!

blestbutstrest said...

I have two or three aprons and I use them mostly to protect my clothes. I can't imagine having to change as many times in one day as they do on Downton Abby ;).

Jenny said...

I did not grow up in a home that wore aprons, but for some reason I always do. It definitely protects clothing. One of my favorites belonged to my great grandma. I wear it almost daily. Sometimes I consider saving it but it was meant to be worn so I do.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cindy! I loved your post. (And of course, I love wearing aprons too.) You look SO cute in your pink ruffled apron. Thanks so much for linking to Susannah's Kitchen.
God bless you, and have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

e-Mom @ Susannah's Kitchen

Cecelia said...

Wow, what CUTE aprons! Almost makes me want to go and purchase one for myself! You mention how some of the moms on those old TV shows dressed up. I wonder if women REALLY dressed up like that, when they were just around the house, during the day. June Cleaver in her pearls? Cooking dinner? Really?

No, I don't wear an apron. I never have. I think I recall my mom wearing one a LONG time ago. But if I had a cute one in the kitchen, I'd probably wear it sometimes. Glad my Facebook question inspired this lovely blog post!

Jen Daugherty said...

This was pretty much the only thing on my Christmas list this year, and I really hope I get one! I've started cooking more from scratch and canning this year, so I need one! :)

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