Wednesday, August 20, 2014

What would you do with this china?

So, I've finally unpacked the china that originally belonged to my maternal grandmother.

This is what remains of the set of Homer Laughlin American Vogue Rambler Rose china.

The set originally belonged to my grandmother and was passed down to my mother.  My mom wanted me to have it, but for one reason or another, I never claimed it until after my mom's untimely death last November.

And just today, I unpacked it.

There are only six dinner plates, and two of the five remaining teacups are chipped or cracked. Otherwise, everything is in remarkably good shape.

I'm just not sure what to do with this lovely china.

Should I actually use it?  Should I just display it? (I do have a hutch currently filled with odds and ends of other dinnerware.)

Should I attempt to sell it?  Since my mom never used it that I can remember, it doesn't have a great deal of sentimental value attached.  But I'd rather keep it that not. However, I do see on the internet that there's a market for Homer Laughlin patterns.

Advice, please!


Joni Miller said...

Cindy, that china is absolutely breathtaking!! I think in this crazy, uncertain world we live in that you should USE IT on a daily basis.

Kathy said...

I agree- use it for every day - at this point in life every day is a special occasion!!! Enjoy!!!

Unknown said...

I'd use it. And if you want to keep a piece then put one plate or platter on the wall. Use the rest. It's beautiful!

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