Tuesday, August 26, 2014

What I'm Doing With That China

In my last post, I talked about a set of china I inherited recently.  It had been my maternal grandmother's, then my mother's, but I never remember anyone using it.

I finally unpacked it the other day and saw that it's really beautiful.  It's a vintage set of Homer Laughlin American Vogue eggshell china in the Rambler Rose pattern.  It's not a complete set, but except for a few pieces, it's unchipped and in beautiful shape.

I posed the question of what I should do with it, and got some great answers:

From my cousin Joni: "Cindy, that china is absolutely breathtaking!! I think in this crazy, uncertain world we live in that you should USE IT on a daily basis."

From my cousin Kathy: "I agree- use it for every day - at this point in life every day is a special occasion!!! Enjoy!!"

From Kay:  "I'd use it. And if you want to keep a piece then put one plate or platter on the wall. Use the rest. It's beautiful!"

So I'm both using it and displaying it!

I cleared the odds and ends out of my little hutch and put the china in it.  I think it looks beautiful

I'm not using all of it everyday, but I've taken to having my morning English muffins on one of the lovely dessert plates.

And since there are only six dinner plates, I'm thinking of getting another couple of plates on E-bay.  I will definitely use it for company, special occasions, and any other time I want to.

It's too pretty not to enjoy on a regular basis.

I did find out that vintage china (this set was probably made around 1950) should not be put in the dishwasher or microwave.

Does anybody have any other advice for me about vintage china?  I'd appreciate any feedback!

P.S.  The little hutch also belonged to my grandmother.  It's not antique, but I think it's pretty.

I've been thinking about painting it teal or white.  But I also think it's really pretty just as it is.  I'd love more feedback on this too! Thanks!


Diane said...

On the hutch, rather than paint it, to freshen things up and highlight that gorgeous china, cut cardboard or a light wood to the dimensions of the back (upright piece) of the shelf. Cover with fabric, wallpaper or paint to create a new backdrop for the china.

So glad you decided to really enjoy the pieces. I have my mom's set from about the same time (service for 12 - all the plates and bowls intact, but down to maybe six coffee cups and eight saucers) and use it all the time for entertaining, and just for me when I need cheering. Like you, I rarely saw it used (though at least the coffee cups were!). I don't mind hand washing it in the least.

Besides, now you have an excuse to go find a pretty tablecloth and napkins to use with it! (Does anyone (besides me) still use cloth napkins?)

Unknown said...

The display is beautiful! I'm so glad you're going to use it and enjoy it.

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