Friday, February 08, 2013

My Life Lately on Instagram

Are you on Instagram? It's a fun way to share pictures with others...and I've found it's also a cool way just to visually chronicle what's going on in your life.  Here are some of the pictures I've shared recently.

The Rock River is one of the sights I see when I'm going home from work.  On this night, the fog hovering on the river looked absolutely eerie.

I'm adding more touches of white to my home decor's just so bright and clean.  I spray-painted the vase in this picture. 

A baby at church (Hope Whitehead) was sporting these adorable shoes, and I couldn't resist taking a picture.

My mom gave me this zebra top, which I love! Yesterday I decided to add some hot pink to the mix.  (Yes, I'm ready for spring!)

What you call a GPOY (gratuituous picture of yourself). :) 

For some reason, I like to mark the turning of a page on my Austin, TX calendar at work.  This one boasts a  nice shot of the Texas capitol.

This one tickled my funny bone.  I imagined a gas station named in honor of road rage. Corny? Yep.

Another desk shot...showcasing some of the things that provide a nice little British vibe to my workspace.

Do you Instagram? Tell me about it!

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Paula Ruta said...

I love instagram! I just wish there were more OLDER people on it--
I have my ootd on it--with a link from my blog. I like the casual atmosphere AND love the visual aspects. Sometimes I just dont feel like writing something prophetic for my blog!


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