Tuesday, October 02, 2012

My Life Lately on Instagram

I've been loving Instagram lately.  It satisfies the frustrated, uneducated photographer in me!  When I see something I like, I just take a picture of it and put it on Instagram.  I love the filter options that can make your picture look really cool.

I'm sharing some of the pics I've taken lately.  The fall colors are starting to come out in their glory here in Northwest Illinois...above is a pic I snapped on a beautiful street in our town called Calvin Park Boulevard.

I turned a new page in my Shelly Reeves Smith planner yesterday and thought it was so pretty, I took a pic.

Sitting waiting for a table at a restaurant after church on Sunday, I looked up at my husband and thought, "How handsome!"

This is me on the same day.  I'm wearing the Soft Surroundings top that I'm giving away...more on that in a moment!

A group of my former co-workers from the radio station that was sold to a big corporation got together for lunch recently.  It was so much fun!

Yes, I take pictures of mundane things around my house! I'm obsessed with all things Paris, and I think this is the prettiest bottle of handsoap ever! (I got it at TJMaxx).  Beside it is a mini Eiffel Tower I got at Hobby Lobby.  One of my bathrooms is all pink and black, all France.

There's something I just love about old-fashioned lamp posts.  This is one on Calvin Park Boulevard.

Do you like Instagram?  Do you use it often? Let me know!

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Unknown said...

Hi Cindy!

Thanks for dropping by my blog!
I like your type of blogs, simple, fresh and happy! Yes enter me in your giveaway! and I am following you now!

Ariane xxxxx

Unknown said...

ouh! forgot to ask - what is your name on Instagram - it's fun isn't?
I am stylesudest on Instagram


Unknown said...

I really love your blog. I enjoyed reading it as well. Nice work. Thanks for sharing. Keep it up!

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