Monday, April 09, 2012

Visible Monday: I wore a hat for Easter!

This might not seem like a big deal, but wearing a hat for a dressy occasion was somewhat of a bold move for me!

I've been wanting to wear a hat since the Royal Wedding of Will and Kate last year.  The ladies all looked so elegant and sophisticated with their hats and "fascinators" (the fancy headpieces often made of feathers and/or lace, etc).

So I found this little black hat at Ross Dress for Less.  It's a Chinese Laundry hat that I got for 8.99, and I thought it would be a nice compliment to a two-piece dress my sister Lisa had given me when I was in Texas. (I love getting hand-me-downs from Lisa.  She has great taste, and I know pretty much anything she wears will also be flattering on me.)

I never got a full-length shot of my outfit, but this should give some context for the hat.  I was really pleased to find a necklace, earrings and bracelet at Charming Charlie to match the red in the outfit.  It's not a common shade of red...kind of a dark cherry red with just a touch of rust.  I love Charming Charlie--you can pretty much find any shade of accessory there!

Here are a couple of side-views of my cute hat:

Wearing an accessory I don't normally wear helped me step out my style comfort zone a bit, and I really enjoyed it!  I also got a lot of compliments on the hat at my church's Easter Service.

(By the way, I took the hat off for dinner at my sister-in-law's house, and there wasn't a terrible case of "hat-head" that I expected.  I just had to "tease" the top a little to unflatten it a bit. I had expected worse!)

Here's one of my husband Doug and me.  He loved the hat, and even bought a tie to match my outfit!

Now that I've broken the ice, millinarily speaking, I will definitely wear hats more!

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Patti said...

That's a charming hat - and you and your husband make a good-looking couple! Thanks so much for linking up to Visible Monday and have a wonderful week, Cindy : >

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

You look so cute in hats! It is unfortunate that it takes courage, but it does. I so wish more women wore them to church and weddings and about! I hope you are well...HAPPY BELATED EASTER!

Deborah Raney said...

When I was little my mom wore a hat to church almost every Sunday. Some even had net half-veils. I loved them! Wish I looked good in hats, but I absolutely do NOT! What a fun post!

Anonymous said...

Oh, your husband is like mine. He always tries to find something to match my colors when we go out together. Congratulations on stepping outside your comfort zone--it looks great and I'll bet it did receive many compliments. I have tried a couple of times to wear one...but my head is too big for most I've tried. Thanks for your comment at Rags!

Laura said...

Rock on for wearing your hat! I used to always feel self-conscious while wearing a hat but I learned to embrace them and not look back! I'm glad there is another woman out there bringing them back!
Happy Easter!

Tamera Beardsley said...

Cindy you look absolutely lovely in your hat! I am a hat lover myself and do know it takes some getting used to in the beginning...but oh the fun you will have,,,

Unknown said...

So sweet :) I wish us Americans could bring back the hat the way British people sport them!

Marie-Thérèse said...

Cindy, you look absolutely adorable in your Easter chapeau. I really think you should wear one more often. As you know, I'm a big fan of hats and wear them whenever and wherever.

Might I suggest a really beautiful, big picture hat with large brim for you? I think you would be soooo stunning in that. You've definitely got a face for hats.

BTW, men love to see the women they love in hats. I have it on the best authority (my husband). I'm sure you husband would agree.

Cecelia Dowdy said...

The hat looks lovely and so do you! Glad you hear you enjoyed wearing it with your Easter outfit! I hope you have a wonderfully blessed day!

Unknown said...

You look gorgeous in your hat!! Love it!

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