Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thursday 13: Thirteen Most Common Last Names in Ireland

Beautiful little church in Ireland

OK, so it's nowhere near St. Paddy's Day, but being the Irish freak that I am, I thought this would be a fun one...the thirteen most common last names in Ireland. Go here to see the complete list of 40.

Counting down:

13. McCarthy

12. Doyle

11. O'Reilly

10. O'Neill

9. O'Connor

8. Ryan

7. Byrne

6. O'Brien

5. Smith

4. Walsh

3. O'Sullivan

2. Kelly

1. Murphy

Is your name on the list?

I'm participating today in Thursday Thirteen! Check it out here

1 comment:

Corey P. said...

My name's not on the list, but the name of one of my favorite authors - Cormac McCarthy - is. :)

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