Saturday, December 04, 2010

A Snowy December Day

I awoke to a winter wonderland this morning. Just thought I'd share some pictures!

A view off our back deck

Another deck view

Our mail carrier proving that, indeed, "neither snow, nor..."

A neighbor's Christmas decorations look even prettier in the snow

I invite you to check out my book blog, Cindy's Book Club, where today I'm reviewing Lisa T. Bergren's Breathe!


Lea said...

Oh, my, how beautiful but I'd rather see it than be in it. :o) It's 72 degrees here. That's a tad warm but our weather is always crazy.

Blessings to you this week-end!

Finding Pam said...

Cindy, that is a lot of beautiful snow. I enjoyed viewing your pictures. It looks like a lovely neighborhood.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Dearest Cindy,

Your comments were the sweetest thing; when I was composing this last night, I was frustrated because I couldn't seem to write what I was feeling. But the lesson in writing is to listen and be ready. God's spirit speaks and all we need to do is be there....thank you for enjoying my words on this most gorgeous and snowy evening as His grace falls onto each one of us on this beautiful earth...Anita

Leslie said...

Oh so beautiful! Your neighborhood looks so quiet and peaceful.

Grow Line Inc. said...

Cindy, Your pictures are beautiful. What fun holiday weather. Here in Florida we have to make our own snow:). We go to our dear friends home for an annual 'Snow Pary' where tons of 'snow' is blown in from a big ice truck for a winter wonderland.

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