Friday, December 03, 2010

Flashback Friday: O Christmas Tree

Our Swanson family tree a couple of years ago

No, I haven't decorated for Christmas yet, except for putting the Christmas wreath on my front door. After our houseguest and dear friend Ray had a major heart attack on Thanksgiving Day, things have been a little crazy. I hope to attend to that task this weekend.

However, I'm linking up to Mocha with Linda today for Flasback Friday, which is all about Christmas trees. Here we go:

When you were growing up, when did your family put up and decorate the Christmas tree? --We usually put up the tree around my birthday, which is December 10th. In later years, after I was grown and gone, I believe my mom did it shortly after Thanksgiving.

Was it real or artificial?--It depended. I can remember a fair amount of real ones, but we also succumbed to the metal one with the color wheel light during the 70's.

Who usually decorated it? Were there special decorations? What was on the top?--Decorating was a family affair. I can remember early on, throwing tinsel "icicles" at the tree so they would land just right. (When did people stop using those icicles?

After my mom's beloved aunt died in the late 60s, she inherited some beautiful Christmas decorations and ornaments. Her uncle had been German, and he had some gorgeous German pieces which came to my mom when her aunt died. Her uncle had been a Christmas enthusiast and had always made a huge deal of the holiday.

As I recall, there was usually an angel on top.

White lights or colored, blinking or steady? Definitely colored lights...the white light trend didn't come into vogue until much later. I can remember huge colored doesn't seem like they make those big ones anymore. Sometimes we had blinking ones, sometimes steady.

How much did your family decorate for the holiday other than the tree (wreaths, dishes, snowglobes, miniature villages, etc.)?--There were decorations all over the house...nativity scenes, dishes, candles, wreaths, etc.

Did y'all do outdoor lights?--I can't remember ever having outdoor lights@ My dad was a busy pastor and I guess he just never got into it. We always enjoyed looking at other people's lights, though!

Are there special memories associated with decorating for Christmas?
Christmas was always a very special time. My dad loved Christmas, and always wanted to make sure everyone had a great one. We didn't get tons of presents, but we loved and appreciated everything we got. Decorating the tree was always a warm time, with holiday music playing in the background.

As always, Linda, thanks for stirring up good memories!

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bashtree said...

Thanks for sharing the pretty photos! I wish I had a dining room for my tree, it would be so neat to have dinners with it right there! Ours goes in the living room, so I do get to look at it a lot. I love this time of year!

Zoanna said...

What a beautiful tree and room. I would love to sit at your table! Maybe I'll borrow this Flashback Friday soon. I definitely grew up in the same era with you. Remember how HOT those huge bright bulbs would get? No wonder they're not around anymore. I hate to think how many housefires started as a result.

So sorry to hear about your house guest's heart attack , and pray he's recovering.

Cindy Swanson said...

Actually, that table was set up in my living room! I don't have a diningroom, and I was going to have a lot of guests, so we just set up a table in the livingroom.

Charlene Amsden said...

I think my sister's very first Christmas tree when she married was one of those metal trees with the light wheel. In later years I loved babysitting for her at Christmas time and sitting and watching the tree turn colors.

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

I really enjoyed reading your memories. I'd forgotten how hot those big old bulbs got. I'm glad to hear that Ray is recovering from his heart attack - that must have been a scary time for all of you.


Joyce said...

Hope your friend Ray is doing okay.

Love what you said about the colored lights. hehe I wonder when someone thought to do the white lights. =p

Mocha with Linda said...

I love the pictures and reading your memories! We would have been disowned if we had thrown the icicles on the tree! LOL

Lea said...

I had completely forgotten about those icicles. Oh, my, what fun they were.

What a fun meme and I do hope you are able to get your decorations out this week-end.

Nel said...

You can still get the icicles. We still use them. Enjoyed your memories.

until next time... nel

Susan said...

I'm gettins so sentimental reading these Flashback Friday posts. Just when you think you own memories are a treasure, I get to share the memories of others, like a voyeur, I'm enjoying the trip down your memory lane. Love the tree its so beautiful.

Finding Pam said...

I hope your friend is better now. That must have been frightening to witness.

Your tree is lovely and I really enjoyed hearing about your childhood memories.

One More Equals Four said...

Beautiful memories! My daddy was a pastor, too but had been a grocery man in his early days. We never had lights outside, but every year he would about kill himself getting up on the roof to put up a giant santa in a chimney. It would go up and wave and then go back down...had been a promotional thing in the grocery store for 7 up in earlier years! We loved that santa!

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