Wednesday, January 06, 2010

And so continues my love/hate relationship with Biggest Loser...

"Love/hate, Cindy?" you ask. "I thought Biggest Loser was one of your all-time favorite shows!"

Yes, that's absolutely true. I do love the show because of the inspiring transformations that take place in the lives of overweight people as they re-train their eating and exercise.

However, I've always admitted that there things that really bother me about the show.


Did we really need to see the contestants facing an initial weigh-in in front of their friends, families, and in some cases it looked like pretty much their entire town?

The show's producers would probably argue that this was a way to determine just how serious the contestants were about losing weight. "Let's plop them on a scale, with most of their enormous bodies on bare display, in front of everyone. If they're willing to suffer the embarrassment and humiliation of THAT experience, we'll know they really mean business!"

I found it really painful to watch, though, and couldn't wait until it was over. Granted, the moment they come back and weigh in with much-slimmer bodies will be all the sweeter for them. But I could have done without it, thank-you.

I already think it's horrible how they force the male contestants to weigh shirtless, and the female contestants to expose their midriffs.

We already SEE they're overweight...we get it. We don't need to see graphic proof. (And I'm not saying this as a Skinny Minnie who is grossed out by overweight people...I've fought the weight battle most of my life, and still do.)

A biking marathon on Day One? Seriously?!?

When the contestants had to take part in a 26 mile-plus bike ride before they'd even had a chance to unpack their bags, I was appalled.

Sure, doctors were on hand. But is someone going to have to keel over dead during one of these insane challenges before the show calls off such drastic challenges?

I think we already know these people are serious about losing weight. (Didn't hopping on a scale in front of hundreds of their acquaintances prove that sufficiently?)

An annoying twist

Then when the bottom two teams had to leave the ranch, I was steamed. That was just CRUEL.

Sure, the show redeemed itself by announcing that the two teams would go home for 30 days and compete to see who would make it back to the ranch. Thank you! Or I would have been even more annoyed.

So is there anything I DO like? A big YES!!!

Okay, I got my rants out of the way first.

This is still a wonderful show. Witnessing the sheer joy of people who thought they could never lose weight, when they shed a huge amount in the very first week, makes it worth all the show's silly machinations.

And being a firsthand witness to the metamorphosis that takes place in someone who loses a substantial amount of weight is truly satisfying.

Not to mention the practical advice and knowledge gained while watching the show (even if some of it is couched in annoying and glaringly obvious product placement--but, this is the positive part of my post.)

And I guess more than anything, the sheer inspiration I get from the contestants. If they can be so determined and motivated that they can push themselves physically for hours a day, I can certainly exercise for 30 minutes to an hour! If they can accomplish their goals, I can too.

So despite all my problems with it, I guess that's why I love Biggest Loser.

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