Thursday, April 30, 2009

Where in the world are Rose and Bernard?

...and 12 other random thoughts in this Thursday Thirteen

1. Have any of you "Lost" fans been wondering what I've been wondering: Where in the world are Rose and Bernard? We lost them somewhere during the time jumps that were being experienced by the island Losties. I've always loved this couple, and I do hope the writers resolve the matter of where they've been hanging out this whole time. And they darn sure better still be alive.

2. Well, well, well. Adam Lambert in the bottom 2 of American Idol...despite the fact that the show has been a virtual judges' FawnFest over him for weeks. I think Adam's legions of fans got complacent, since their beloved one had been pretty much awarded the crown by the judges and the media. They were thinking the rest of the season was just a technicality that had to be endured on the way to Adam's coronation. I'm glad to see this has been shaken up.

And no, I don't think the show manipulated anything. I think Adam fans got lazy, but I think next week they'll be voting so many times, they'll be risking carpal tunnel.

If “Star Trek” fails, Mr. (Alex) Kurtzman said, “it’ll be the biggest personal failure we’ve ever had, because we will have actually violated something that means a lot to us.”

3. A lot of sci-fans I know--and not just Trekkies--are looking forward to the JJ Abrams-helmed Star Trek movie. Here's an interesting article about it. (hat tip to

4. Is your name Matthew? And are you happier than other guys? --Dr. David Holmes of Manchester Metropolitan University believes first names can predict happiness or success. Names associated with happy people include Judy, Stephanie, Linda, Pam and Pat for ladies, and Matthew, Joshua, Jason, Terry and Barry for guys.

5. Are you freaked out by the swine flu epidemic?--So far, I would characterize my feelings as being concerned, but not alarmed. Yet.

6. People in Mexico are apparently getting pretty creative with their swine flu surgical masks. Hat tip to the Worthington Wire.

7. Facebook is Facebook and Twitter is Twitter, and never the twain should...try to be alike? This writer says Facebook is shooting itself in the foot by trying to be like Twitter. Hat tip to

8. The dog may have a little trouble fetching your laptop...Would you be willing to completely give up printed newspapers in favor of thier online versions? Many people apparently are...but not me. There's something about holding the newspaper in your hands that I would be reluctant to give up completely. Same with reading a book...part of the experience for is holding the actual book in my hands.

9. "This is not a weave!"--Oprah defends her hair. Another hat tip to The Worthington Wire.

10. Was our nation really founded on Judeo-Christian principles? It would appear so. Hat tip to Angela Hunt's A Life in Pages.

11. Don't forget: the National Day of Prayer is coming up May 7th.

12. I'm really enjoying some Dean Koontz...And I do have to qualify that. I've picked up a few of his earlier novels and been put off by content I prefer not to read...but some of his more recent works are not only incredibly page-turning, but truly inspiring as well.

Koontz's worldview unabashedly places a high value on human life, and takes a dim view of academic elites and others who clearly do not. But I can't give a blanket endorsement to all his books, because if you don't like certain non-family-friendly things, you will find those in his earlier books.

I have really, really liked the Odd Thomas books, and I'm looking forward to reading Odd Hours, the latest that's just now out in paperback.

Basically, Odd sees dead people. But despite the macabre factor there, his stories manage to be humor-filled and engaging even as they're chill-inducing.

Not for everyone...but I like 'em!

13. Any interesting or amusing links you want to pass along? Include them in my comments section. Just make sure they're family-friendly!

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Janet said...

I hope Rose and Bernard are alive and well and still in love :-)

Alice Audrey said...

I've just started watching Lost, and still spend too much of my time lost to worry about Rose and Bernard.

Randy said...

Love "Lost", but the Rose and Bernard thing doesn't bother me.

I think Facebook is fine the way it is. Twitter has one purpose, FB another.

I'm like you, I don't know about this Swine Flu thing. Time will tell.

Plus, the name thing? I don't know how true it is however I know there are certain names I hear that I just don't like. I cannot imagine a parent naming their son Homer or Horace. I do think certain names appeal more than others. Fortunately, I've always liked my name.

Ann-Marie said...

Cindy! I love the Odd Thomas series! Isn't he just the most lovable character - with all the wonderful creepies and spine-tinglers of a great suspense story thrown in there, too? My favorite is Brother Odd - I love Boo and the King's big transition.

storyteller said...

I'm so far behind on Lost I may never catch up, but I've got the episodes recorded on DVR. I've not read Koontz for a while, but I do enjoy his books. My T-13s are at Small Reflections and Happily Retired Gal today.
Hugs and blessings,

Solameanie said...

For a change, I'd just like to see the media hail a male singer that doesn't wear mascara.

Juliet said...

Ann-Marie got me hooked on the Odd Thomas series. Loved them all. I was a little disappointed with the last book in that series. Let me know what you think.

Solameanie said...

AAUGH!! I make the comment about mascara, and then USA Today prints a feature today on men wearing eyeliner. What's next? Girdles and bras????

Kay Day said...

I love Odd! I haven't read any other Koontz. My sister told me I should read this and I was hesitant because I don't usually like that type of book. But I just love Odd. I've only read the first 2 so far.

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