Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Breathing life back into Notes in the Key of Life?

Wow! I think this is the longest vacation I've ever taken from my blog. It all started with an actual vacation to Texas, and then I just neglected it.

However, after giving it some thought, I realize that I don't want to let this blog languish and die. I've put some time and care into it, and I don't think I'm ready for its demise. So I hereby breathe new life into "Notes in the Key of Life."

The picture you see above is my little grandson, Payton, hunting Easter eggs. It was such a joy to spend Easter with him, and all the other people I love in Texas!

Both my sons live in Texas(my oldest son, Jonathan, is the one who is married to the lovely Daylyn, and the dad of my grandson Payton). Below is a pic of me with my boys, Justin and Jonathan, at a wonderful Mexican restaurant in Georgetown, Texas, called "Dos Salsas." I'm craving their salsa even as we speak.

After enjoying that meal, we were off to the Palace Theater in Georgetown where my wonderfully talented niece, Katie Walther, was starring as Sandy in "Grease." What a fun night!

It was a wonderful visit and a great Easter holiday.


Randy said...


I'm glad you didn't let you blog, as you said: languish. I do enjoy it so. You hit so many topics. I seem to only narrow in on one subject per post, but I get a great variety of things from yours.

Glad your back.


Juliet said...

Welcome back from Texas!

Payton is going up as we say, "Way too fast." From the pictures, I know that you had a great time.

Randy said...
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Randy said...


Thanks for the commment on my post. "If" you did miss the ep you didn't lose out on any new scenes. However, the scenes with Kate and that haunting music about the losses in her life get to me every time! I'm much like Kate. I hate loss. But, then again, who really likes it? I guess I just take it harder than some do.


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