Thursday, September 29, 2005

Winding my way down Lanier Street...

a pastor reflects on his Katrina relief experience

"How do we respond? Do we ignore the human suffering as we shake our self-righteous fingers at them? Do we say the job is too big as we sit at home and watch it all from our overstuffed, vibrating, leather-clad recliners? I hope not. It is true that we cannot help everyone. But we can help someone. We can reach out in the name of Jesus and show them the love of God through our actions."--Mark Garard

I've been giving kudos to Morning Star Baptist Church here in Rockford for putting feet to their compassion by sending teams to the Gulf Coast to help out with hurricane relief. Read this moving account by Mark Garard (who--little bit of trivia here--went to Bible college with my husband and me).

Speaking of hurricane relief...

Many people, including some of my own dear cousins, are still without power and/or living away from their homes in the aftermath of Hurricane Rita.

My cousin Judy sent me an e-mail yesterday filled with pictures of destruction in Silsbee, the town she lives in near Beaumont. Judy, her son,and her mom and dad (my Aunt Sandra and Uncle Earl) are staying with her brother, my cousin Tommy, in Baytown. Judy tells me her husband Joe is back at their house in Silsbee, but he's living there without electricity, and the heat and humidity are terrible.

My relatives suffered damage from the storm in the way of doors being blown off, roof damage, downed trees and the like, but thankfully their houses didn't suffer any structural damage.

Living "out of pocket" has to be very difficult, and my thoughts and prayers go out to my East Texas cousins.

And now for something completely different...a National Chocolate Survey???

OK, I keep getting this e-mail that (confirmed chocoholic that I am) immediately perked my interest.

Subject line: National Chocolate Survey

The e-mail gives me a "participation confirmation number," and goes on to say:

"Congratulations! You have been selected to participate in our Nationwide m&ms(R) Survey
Which is better....Milk Chocolate m&ms? or Peanut m&ms(R)?? Select your choice to receive a FREE* $100 Restaurant Gift Card of your choice or $100 worth of Milk Chocolate m&ms(R) or Peanut m&ms(R) for participating!
This is a limited time promotion and will no longer be available after September 30, 2005.
Please take the survey before it is too late.
Warm Regards,
Jeff L.Reward

National Survey Panal"

Of course the e-mail is full of links that they want me to click on. Pardon the pun, but I'm not biting! I'm afraid if I click on any of these links, it will unleash a maelstrom of vile computer problems. Our engineer, JB, has taught me well--never open anything you're not sure of.

Am I being overly paranoid? Is there really a chance I could be cheating myself out of the chance to win a 100 dollar gift certificate? I'd love to know! My usual source for confirming or debunking things,, has nothing about this. If you know anything, do tell.

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