Monday, July 12, 2004

Random thoughts on yet another Monday morning....

Just a few of the questions that float through my muddle brain...

--Why is it that so much phone-hold music makes you feel like you're in the middle of one of those goofy late 60's movies, the kind that "Austin Powers" pokes fun at?

--Why is it that when you go out in public looking what you feel is your best, you don't see a single soul you know...but when you're looking like a slob, you'll inevitably see a million people you know?

--Along those same lines, why is it that your house can be clean and shiny and no one will drop by, but when it's a total wreck, you will inevitably have visitors pop in...usually visitors who are the type who are die-hard cleanies?

--When you're running late to work, why do you get all the red lights...but when you're on time or even if you're a little TOO early, you get all the GREEN lights???

Or am I the only one that these things happen to???

Weekend Update

Wow, what a wonderful weekend...and mainly just because it was spent with people I love.

I ended up not doing anything Friday night. Doug and Elizabeth went to the Rockford RiverHawks game...Doug is the team chaplain and Liz works in the concession stand, so they are at every game. But I was really wiped out and just wanted to lay around watching TV Friday night, and that's exactly what I did. Justin works overnight at Wal-Mart, so he left fairly early in the evening.

On Saturday, Doug and I had some good "together" time. We grocery-shopped and ate lunch at my favorite Chinese place. Later that night, we went to the RiverHawks game together. They had been planning fireworks last week, but had gotten rained out, so they did the fireworks Saturday night, and they were really great!

Another thing...can you listen to Ray Charles' version of "America the Beautiful" without getting a tear in your eye? If he hadn't recorded anything but that, his career would have been worthwhile, in my opinion. Sadly, he passed away right after President Reagan did.

Now it's hard to believe it's Monday again already.

"Narcissistic navel-gazing"?

In her lively and interesting blog, Valerie observes her second "blogiversary" by asking some tough questions about the worthwhile-ness (is that a word?) of blogging in general, and continuing her blog in particular: "On this auspicious occasion, I pause to ask, Why? What's the point? Is this just a vehicle for narcissistic navel-gazing, or does it have some value? Is it more glorifying to God or to Valerie? Does it advance His agenda or mine? Does it really serve my neighbor or just myself? Does it exhibit more wisdom or foolishness?"

Well, there are certainly those who think people have blogs just to indulge their frustrated writing desires, and yammer on about things that couldn't possibly be interesting to anyone but themselves.

I admit, I've asked myself these questions, too. Why do I blog? Well, mainly because it's fun and I like it! It's kind of like having my own little column, albeit read by a relatively small amount of own little platform. I love to write. I love the bit of creativity involved. I have a website that remains fairly static, with just occasional updates. This blog is much more immediate and convenient to post on, because it doesn't require things to be converted to HTML.

Then again, I think there's so much awful and downright evil stuff on the Internet, I like the idea of sending even a small ray of light out over the ether. In fact, I commented in response to Valerie's questions:

"I say, blog on, Valerie! I too have wondered if blogging is just, as you so aptly put it, 'narcisstic navel-gazing.' But I believe your blog...and have real value, if for no other reason than that they are little bits of salt and light in cyberspace. And isn't that what we are commmanded to be?"

And finally...just because...

Happy Monday!

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Tina said...

You know why!! :)

And I agree, continue to be salt and light. Blog on!

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