Thursday, April 22, 2004

Harry Potter's Christian Cousin?

In the Life section of today's USA Today, word of a book that's being dubbed "the Christian Harry Potter." Shadowmancer , by G.P. Taylor, arrives in bookstores next Tuesday.

This quote from the article: "The book, by G.P. Taylor, is described as a classic fight between good and evil. It's the dark tale of a devilish English vicar, Obadiah Demurral, who tries to control the world using demons and the dead in 18th-century England. Demurral no longer wants to worship God, he wants to be God. The three teens who must stop him — Thomas, Kate and Raphah — owe a great deal to Harry Potter's threesome Harry, Hermione and Ron."

I haven't read the Harry Potter books because of certain reservations I have about them, but I am definitely planning on reading "Shadowmancer." I'm hoping it won't be a rip-off of the Potter books or a pallid imitation of them. It would be wonderful if it is excellent...and if it reaches its readers with its Christian world view at the same time it entertains them.

"You raise me up"

Since my daughter Elizabeth is an avid Josh Groban fan, I was a little surprised when she really liked Selah's version of Groban's "You Raise Me Up."

We heard the Selah version on Radio 91 whiole out shopping yesterday, and she was impressed. As I understand it, Selah was given the song even before Groban, but wasn't able to record it initially for some reason. Selah makes the song their own without encroaching on the beauty of the Groban version.

My friend Chris recently sang this song at his wedding. Actually, he recorded it to be played at his wedding, because he was a little worried about his emotions affecting a live performance. Great song.

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