Friday, January 09, 2004

That pic of my family needs to be updated...

The family portrait you see in the sidebar was actually taken at Thanksgiving 2002, before Daylyn became a part of our family circle. Unfortunately, I can't update the pic just yet, or add pics from the wedding, because I don't have a digital camera and have to scan pics for my site...and the only scanner I have access to is on the fritz right now. Hopefully, soon. In the meantime, here's a fairly recent pic of Daylyn and Jonathan...

I've been reflecting, gratefully, on the fact that Doug and I are so pleased with Jon's choice. Daylyn loves the Lord; she is sweet, talented, and has a certain calmness and serenity about her that I just really admire (maybe because I am NOT usually calm and serene? :))

For the first time, when we were in Boise for the wedding, we were able to hear Daylyn play the harp. Wow. She is incredibly talented. Her sister Danielle then played the violin while Daylyn accompanied her on the harp, and it was achingly beautiful.

Daylyn's pastor, Arnold Rubey, who officiated at the ceremony, wryly told Jonathan: "You realize that by taking these vows, you are pledging to transport Daylyn's harp for the rest of your life together." That produced some chuckles. :)

I'm a little overwhelmed by my role as a mother-in-law. How do you hit on just the right combination of kindly concern, and minding your own business? It will be an interesting challenge...

Speaking of Daylyn's pastor...

Arnold Rubey, the pastor of Lake Hazel Bible Church in Boise, gave us a copy of his book Fallen Brother in Blue: The Tragic Death of Police Officer Mark Stall. It's a story that hits especially close to home for Rubey, because Boise police officer Mark Stall was his son-in-law. It hits close to home for me in a less forceful but still poignant way, because my younger brother David is a police officer and SWAT team leader.

I read the book aloud to Doug on the car trip home, and had to stop several times as I became too emotional to speak. Besides the fact that Mark Stall was born the same year as my brother, and was in the same high-risk occupation, there is the fact that my son's 23-year-old niece, Jennifer, was killed in a car crash in our family is acquainted with the shock of the sudden death of a loved one in the prime of life.

Rubey's book addresses some important issues regarding the public's attitude toward police officers. Yes, there are unfortunately dirty cops and brutal cops...but I believe the vast majority are solid citizens not unlike Stall and my brother, who choose this dangerous profession because they genuinely want to serve and protect their fellow citizens.

I personally give police officers high respect and deep appreciation. They put themselves on the front line of harm's way when they go to work, risking death even when making a routine traffic stop. You see, it was during a routine traffic stop that two brothers emerged from their vehicle to fire semi-automatic weapons at the police officers present, and one of those bullets killed Mark Stall.

"Fallen Brother in Blue" is an absorbing, moving and well-written read, and if you can follow the link above to find a copy online, I highly recommend it.

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