Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The favorite books you got as gifts

This adorable tabletop book tree was featured on Pinterest.  The original post/ohoto is here
Yesterday I blogged about giving/getting books for Christmas.  I shared what some of my favorite gifted books were as a child, and asked my readers and Facebook friends to share some of their favorite book gifts.

Here are some replies:

Dorene Hostler A very dear friend bought me a beautiful, leather-bound bible many years ago. It's so marked up & worn now...but, it is my favorite book I've ever received as a gift.

Katrina Johns as a child: The Secret Garden (from my Grandma), as an adult: Jesus Calling (from some sweet ladies at my church)

Vicki Walton My Bible I received my Senior year, a book of The Holocaust and those rescued, "Rebecca" a mystery, and as a child, definitely "Charlotte's Web."

Vickie Fanning A Bible...The Giving Tree....Where the Red Fern Grows.... A collection of Robert Frost Poems....A collection of Poe

Teresa Lester Bernadette and the Lady. Angels Unaware. Joni. The courage of Carol. All given to me as a teen girl

Cindy Long When I was about 12, my mom bought me Harriet The Spy, and I remember reading it straight through and enjoying every page.

Karrilee Aggett said...
Oh how I love books... stacks and stacks of books! My favorite book as a child was A Wrinkle in Time... but I couldn't possibly pick a favorite as an adult - there are too many!

Anastasia Rose said...
Books are absolutely my favorite gifts! One of the more recent books I've received (maybe two or three years ago) was called Believing in Narnia, and it was a devotional type book dealing with the real-life themes in the Chronicles of Narnia. No matter how many times I read those books, they still end up showing me something new!

Jo said...
I can never choose favourites. I love far too many! One of the top ones would have to be the complete works of Jane Austen. In my family, books are given at Easter more than Christmas. A tradition that started when I was a child and has stuck. My daughter always receives a book at Christmas too.

Susan Baker said...
Growing up, there were always books for Christmas. Most of them are long forgotten. But I still have my battered and well-worn paperback versions of The Hobbit and (most of) The Chronicles of Narnia.

They were my first "grown up" books and started me on a life long love. I'm happily continuing the tradition with my own sons.

Bethany Boring said...
I have an answer to this!! My favorite book I received as a complete surprise this year. I was wanting a way to bring my young boys around the real meaning of Christmas, but in a way like they had never heard it before. A good friend sent me Ann V new book, "The Greatest Gift." It has been jusr that and more. I blogged about this today...too funny!

Rachel S. said...
Boxed set of Anne of Green Gables books - I still have them, and my girls are reading them now

Thanks everyone, for sharing your favorites with me! Now let's buy a book for someone for Christmas!


Susan said...

I am so mad with myself for not seeing the original post and listing my faves. But, what fun in reading the others favorites. Great post!

Tobi@simplyjesusministries.com said...

When I was younger it was all the Anne books, but as an adult my favorite book is called Character Building in China, it belonged to my Great Aunt Grace who was a missionary in China. Great list. :)

Jenny said...

Most excellent post. I saw one of my favorites listed, "The Giving Tree" I found four brand new hard back copies of the "Velveteen Rabbit" at Goodwill this year that I will be giving my four daughters for Christmas.

Unknown said...

Oh, that was so nice to read after the endless fashion and beauty gift ideas. Thank you.

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