Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Front Porch Photo Shoot

I think I've decided that I'm the best person to take pictures of myself.  I took all the pictures in this "front porch photo shoot," and I think they turned out decently.  I wanted to pose with some of our potted plants and hanging baskets to complement the floral top I'm wearing.

I also wanted to show my "face o' the day," especially the eye make-up look I came up with.

All the eye make-up prodcuts I used were ELF, except for the mascara, which is Clinique High Lengths.  My daughter Elizabeth, who is a Clinique associate, gave me a sample of this mascara, and as soon as I can afford a full-size tube, I'm getting it!

The ELF shadows I used were a light pink under the brow, and a charcoal one on the lid and in the crease.  (Sorry, not sure of the actual names.)

I always start my eye make-up look with ELF eyelid primer, then a swoosh of a neutral shadow to set it, before applying the rest.  It ensures that my eye make-up stays put all day!


Jenn said...

Beautiful as always Cindy! I prefer taking pictures of myself as well! haha

helen tilston said...

Hi Cindy

I love the shoot and the photos are most flattering, as is the eye makeup

M-T said...

So pretty, Cindy. You obviously have a green thumb and the most infectious smile.

BTW, don't forget to pick up your Blogger Award that I sent you. Details in my post "An Unexpected Award - How Delightful." It is very well deserved.

Anonymous said...

I've never heard of ELF but now I'll have to look it up. You sure make a smokey eye look great too. Your pictures turned out really nice. I love just using my timer and only do it when nobody else is home. I feel freer that way for sure.

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