Thursday, June 14, 2012

Things I Miss About My Dad

Me and my dad in the late 50's

My dad passed away in July 2004 (I blogged about his passing here.) I seem to miss him more instead of less as time goes by.

I've posted this before (it was originally a Thursday Thirteen post), but I'm re-running in in honor of Father's Day.
Me and my Dad in 2003...he was already sick with the liver disease that woulld claim his life

Things I Miss About My Dad

1) His dedicated and passionate love for the Lord

2) His sense of humor--including his corny-but-funny jokes

3) His love of music--something he passed down to all of his children

4) His beautiful singing voice. I can still hearing him sing his signature song, Submission:

Not what I wish to do
Nor where I wish to go
For who am I, that I should choose my way?
The Lord shall choose for me
Tis better far, I know,
So let him bid me go, or stay.

5) Hearing him play the trombone--something he continued to do until he got really sick

6) Talking with him. Long, meaty conversations, about everything from politics and current events to theology and everything in between. I miss that so much.

7) Going on walks with him. Every time I visited my folks in Texas or they came up to visit me, my dad and I would go walking together.

8) Hearing him pray. Many's the night I would hear him praying in another room as I fell asleep.

9) The way he would literally be on the edge of his seat when there was a fight scene in a movie or TV show

10) The way he would play with his grandchildren--horsing around with them when they were younger, playing Dominoes or other board games with them as they grew older

11) The funny songs he would make up on the fly--and often inserting our names into
existing songs

12) The way he would greet me when he phoned me: "Cindy? This is your daddy..."

13) The many ways he showed his love for his family

I miss you, Daddy.


Anonymous said...

While no one ever truely understands another persons emotions, I can relate. My father very unexpectedly passed away Feb. 5th of this year. The closer it gets to fathers day, the more my heart aches. I miss him so very much. This will be my first father's day with out him. I'm not sure how the day will go. For my son's sake I must press forward it's not fair for him or my husband for me to totally disengage from this day. So with God's help I'm pressing through the tears. But it's not easy. I never thought I would be 30 years old and father-less. Even though I have lots of people who love me dearly, I feel like an orphan right now. It's hard. May God be with you the next few days and forever. May we all find our strength in HIM.

Lea said...

What a lovely tribute to your Dad. I would have never thought that my Dad would live to see this Father's Day, but he is doing really well. He's truly a miracle! I know how hard it has been for me on Mother's Day since my Mom's death on 2008. It's just never the same.


Jeri said...

My own father did many things to block my pro fession of Christ and was antagonistic towards my faith. Even when he was dying, he refused to see me unless I gave up "my religion," as he called it. I am always happy (and amazed) to learn of children with loving parents. When my dad passed away, after the Lord had taken just about everything from him: all his money, the son that he had trained to take over his business, the ability to walk, the business he had built over his lifetime, he died in an upstairs room that had become his home.

It's a different type of peace a Christian gets in a situation like that. I grieved for a long time, but in the end, I am glad for the joy of the brethren in each other, and the love of parents and children for each other is a light of the love of God. But that light is also abundant when it guides the sinner in to safety alone.

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