Saturday, November 12, 2011

Visible Monday: Breaking the rules with eye shadow

(OK, first off, don't laugh at me for another self-taken picture in my car! This time with my seatbelt on, no less!) This usually happens because my make-up is freshly done, I'm getting ready to leave for work, and somehow the lighting tends to be good. Whatever works, you know?

All the subject of eye shadow and sometimes breaking the rules.

The make-up Powers That Be will often tell you:

--not to wear eye shadow that matches the color of your eyes
--not to wear eye shadow that matches what you're wearing
--older women should only wear neutral eye shadows

On this occasion, I brazenly did all these no-no's, and I liked it fine!

I resisted the urge to photo-shop so I could realistically show you what these colors looked like, by the way.

Also, note to self (I'm still learning...), next time, take a picture of your eyes CLOSED as well.

Here's what I did:

--used a tiny angled brush to apply Clinique eye shadow in "slate" to define my eyebrows

--applied Elf eyelid primer to my entire above-eye area (more on primer in a moment!)

--brushed Estee Lauder matte eye-shadow in "sandbar beige" over entire above-eye area---this sets the primer and gives you a nice canvas for the rest of your shadow look

--applied Ulta eye shadow in "envy" in eye crease and outer corners of the lid, blending carefully

--went over the crease with Clinique "slate" eye shadow, blending carefully

--applied Elf cream eyeliner in "gunmetal" above the upper eyelashes

--lightly went over the eyeliner with Clinique "slate" eye shadow to set it

--below the "water line," applied Ulta Kohl Eyeliner Pencil in "emerald"

--lightly went over that with Ulta eyeshadow in "envy" to set it

--applied Estee Lauder black mascara in "Sumptuous" both on top and bottom lashes

(I know it sounds lengthy, but it actually doesn't take that long to do.)

Yes, there are some eye shadow rules that older women should not regularly break. For instance, highly frosted and shimmery shadows are best avoided or kept to a minimum (I do use them sometimes, sparingly.)

And remember, blend, blend, blend. You want to avoid a "striped" look at all costs!

But some rules are made to be broken. Do it with class and discretion, but take a chance every once in a while!
OK, about primer

If you haven't yet discovered primer, let me introduce you to what will become one of your best cosmetic friends!

As you've already surmised, I'm a make-up girl. I pretty much never step out of the house without a full face of it.

For years, though, I was a prisoner to constant touch-ups. It just never stayed the way I wanted it to! Eye shadow gathering in the crease...smudges left and face make-up needing regular touch-ups as well. A pain!

When I started watching YouTube beauty tutorials, I learned about primer. Primer assures that you can put your make-up on in the morning, and by noon it looks pretty much the same as it did when you stepped out!

On my eyelid, I usually just use Elf eyelid primer. It costs ONE DOLLAR at Target (and some other locations.) I usually go over that with a matte color that's close to my own skin color. The rest of my eye make-up then stays on beautifully.

There are other, more expensive eyelid primers, but Elf works fine for me.

On my face, prior to putting on my foundation, I usually use Rimmel Fix and Perfect Pro. It's not expensive, you can get it at most drugstores, and it makes a world of difference.

I'm participating today in Visible Monday!

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Naomi said...

Thanks for the tips Cindy. Your eye makeup always looks great :-)

Mongs said...

eye make up primer sounds new to me, sounds like a great product. Thanks for sharing! Green eye shadow does match your skin tone, it enhances your eyes. Thanks for the step by step tutorial. The seat belt thing is cute, you gotta ensure your safety first right? ...


Anne @ The Frump Factor said...

I love that you're breaking not just one, but three (count 'em!) THREE rules! It looks great. I am a believer in eyelid primer, too (great for those who have a lot of redness). Thanks for the tip about the budget option!

Patti said...

Let's hear it for ELF! Great tips, Cindy and you look terrific. I also have green eyes and I shy away from anything but neutral shadows - but I am going to give greens a try.

Thanks so much for participating in Visible Monday : >

Debbi@SheAccessorizesWell said...

Good for you breaking rules. You look great and your tips are excellent. I have such deep set eyes that you cannot see any shadow on me so I rarely wear any eye makeup.

JTWisdom said...

Great tips. I am coming from Visible Monday. Love Bare Escentuals and Josie Maran makeup. Eyelid primer and primer for the face are a must. I love color eyeshadow.

Tammy said...

I have blue eyes and wear turquoise or blue on my lids (lightly) Other wise I just looked washed out.
Primer I haven't tried but am going to Target in the next couple of days so I will pick some up. BTW, my eye shadow is usually ELF!
Stop by my link up and strut your bling! Is make up an accessory or necessity? To me necessity!
Never leave home without it.

Tammy @ Silverstyle

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