Friday, May 21, 2010

Good-bye to "Lost." But just as sad: Good-bye to Hurley

This weekend, I will say good-bye to probably my favorite television show of all time. I know, you non-Lost fans are clueless as to the appeal of this show, but those of you who are also fans totally "get" my regret at seeing it end.

Watching "Lost" was one of those little joys of life. Well-written, well-acted, with characters you came to know and care about, and intriguing mysteries that you could only speculate about, the show has been different from just about anything else on TV.

Now that it's coming to an end, I'm sad not just at saying good-bye to the show, but at saying good-bye to one of my favorite charactes: Hugo Reyes, also known as "Hurley."

In a 2007 post about my favorite TV characters of all time, I wrote:

Jorge Garcia as Hurley--Hurley is absolutely vital to the show. For a while, I was watching "24" fairly regularly, and it's excellent--but there is almost no comic relief, if any. The intensity blasts you nonstop. But the great thing about "Lost" is that just when everything gets a little too spooky, scary or strange, there's Hurley saying, "Dude..." and bringing everything back down to earth. I totally love Hurley.

Posting about Hurley ended up affording me a nice little brush with fame: actor Jorge Garcia actually read a post of mine and commented on it!

Jorge comments on my blog!

It was an erroneous comment in this post that attracted Jorge's attention. I cited a bit of trivia that claimed Hurley had initially read for the part of Sawyer.

Someone named Jorge Garcia commented:

"To say I auditioned for the part of Sawyer is not quite accurate. I knew when I went to the audition that I wasn't up for that particular part. They just wanted to see me do something and that's the material they had."

My rather starstruck post the next day was titled "Whaaaa....did Hurley just comment on my blog?"

Clicking on Jorge's name in his comment took me to Dispatches from the Island...a well-written,engaging, humorous blog that pretty much leaves no doubt that it's written by the real Jorge Garcia.

To confirm that, Jorge commented on my blog yet again:

"That was cute. I'm printing this page up to add it to my scrapbook. (Well to send to my sister who scrapbooks my stuff for me.)
I found your post because it came up on my google alert. (It's a trick Dom had taught me)

And yes it really is me."

So somewhere, in Jorge Garcia's own scrapbook, is my blog post. How cool is that?

In this article inVariety, Jorge reflects on his years on "Lost." It's a good read.

I will definitely miss "Lost." And I'll miss Jorge Garcia as Hurley...but I have a feeling that I may like him in any role, so I'll look forward to seeing what he does next as an actor.

And so ends five years of blogging about "Lost" (I didn't start watching the show till the end of the first season, catching up on DVD.)

It was a great ride!

Who was your favorite character on "Lost"? Let me know in my comments section.


Ashley said...

Sawyer is my favorite character. I love his bad-boy sarcasm - and he's nice to look at. :o)

Hurley is another favorite, though. I loved how easy and caring he is. He's always lightening the mood. I always loved hearing "Dude..." My sisters couldn't stand him at first and I was always defending him, but now they've grown to love him almost as much as I do.

I came across "Dispatches from the Island" a long time ago, so when he commented on your post and left that link, I knew it was him. It's a fun blog.

I'm really going to miss this show. I need to get the rest of the seasons on DVD so I can revisit anytime I want.

Robin Lee said...

I've got lots of favorites. Probably all of the leads.

Sayid. I so wanted to see him redeemed and find love and freedom. In the end, he died sacrificially which didn't surprise me in the least.

I love Hurley for all the same reasons you love him.

I love Jack, the rescuer.

I love Sawyer, the bad boy. And he and Juliet made for one of the best love stories on TV in Season 5.

Claire and Charlie and Kate and ...

I own all 5 seasons of the show and will add the 6th as soon as it releases. So I plan to start watching it all over again.

As I writer, what I love most is the care the writers have taken in creating the characters and giving us interesting back story (and now side story).

Gonna miss it all, and yet it is right that they bring the story to a close.


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