Friday, June 19, 2009

Mentoring fatherless boys with God's love...

I just interviewed John Smithbaker, the head of a wonderful ministry called Fathers in the Field.

Their mission? From the website:

Fathers in the Field was established with the deep conviction to answer God’s call to defend the cause of the fatherless through the provision of godly mentoring fathers. The ill effects of growing up without a father upon the boy, the family and our society are profound...

For a boy who has been abandoned by his earthly father, hearing the healing and encouraging words that he has a Father in Heaven who created him, loves him and will never forsake him is a powerful and grace-filled perspective.

The program pairs fatherless boys with Christian men who show them the love of their Heaveny Father. Implemented through local churches, the program screens the men carefully and provides them with the tools and resources to mentor the boys through introducing them to the great outdoors.

You can read here to find out how John Smithbaker--a fatherless boy himself--got the vision for the ministry.

Listen to my interview
with John Smithbaker here.

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Juliet said...

A program much needed! Thanks again for the info.

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